4 Tips for Women Hikers on Mount Kilimanjaro Tours

If you’re planning an adventurous trip to Mount Kilimanjaro, you need to proceed with the right gear and agenda to overcome the fears or other concerns during the Mount Kilimanjaro tours. Women have to concentrate on many other things to plan their hiking trips. If you aren’t feeling comfortable, don’t be shy about telling it to the guide, regardless of men or women. These guides are experienced, supportive, and keen on getting you to the peak.

Preparing for trekking to the highest peak is indeed a long process; selecting the right tour operator or trekking agency is important. You might have to pay some deposit amount, get the required vaccination, etc. Though the trekking agency will give comprehensive details of what you should get, do not forget to carry what you feel essential, like wet wipes, mini pads, etc.

Select Your Route

It’s recommended to book your Kilimanjaro hike via group tour; there isn’t much fun in travelling alone and since you’re a single lady, you can take along another female as your companion to build some comfort zone. More number of people in group adds so much fun and you can share your experience and enthusiasm all together. Moreover, their additional support helps you to reach the top effortlessly. Though all routes head towards the same place, you’re free to choose the routes as per your interest, time, budget, sleeping preference as well as fitness level. If you prefer to sleep in huts, then Marangu route is the ideal choice. If you want to see interesting landscapes or other beauties, look at the Kilimanjaro pictures of the respective route.

Women Companionship

Get another female trekker from house or check whether the trekking company can have companion during the climb. Though guys make best trekking companions, sometimes you may feel like having a girly talk for which you need female partner. Porters and guides are males, so having a female member to share the excitement with can be fun and enlightening during mount kilimanjaro tours.

Taking Care of Nails, Hair, and Legs

Instead of getting pedicure or manicure before the trip, you can do them once you resume back. But no one, especially ladies, would like to have dust under the nails and in order to avoid this, you can apply a dark colored nail pain to, so that it covers the dirt. You might experience pain in cuticles, so be sure to carry ‘bag balm’ or sanitizer to protect your hands. If you’re having long nails, it’s advised to trim or cut them short before trekking.

Carry water-less shampoo to keep your hair in good condition; you might not get to wash your hair on daily basis. Some tour operators provide a pan of humid water, so that you can wash your face and hair (especially top and front of hair) to feel somewhat great. Carry long pants to protect your leg during your mount kilimanjaro tours.

Gearing Up for Your Travel

Maintaining certain kind of femininity is essential; consider packing some products, such as sturdy necklace, mascara, and perfume that reminds of feminine side. Carry comfortable shirts, pants, fleece jacket, headlamp, shoes, hats for sun protection, sleeping bag, and walking sticks.

Be sure to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and energetic during your mount kilimanjaro tours.


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